Thursday, January 24, 2008

SALES SUCCESS – Not if You Listen to the Ghosts from the Past

“You’re stupid!” exclaimed mother as she scolded me with disgust in her voice. “You’ll never amount to anything,” said the father full of contempt for me. “You could be whatever you want to be, but you will never succeed at anything.”

These were the words I heard growing up in my family and without realizing it I bought into it to the degree of becoming homeless with a small child when I heard those words again shortly after my husband left. I overcame those circumstances by going to college determined to become somebody worthwhile. I enjoyed a different life but in many ways still bought into the words of the past.

Ten years ago I joined the sales organization of my company. It was at that time that I began hearing words contrary to what I knew throughout my life. The company gave me the opportunity to sell their product. I had all the ability in the world to be successful, but it was a slow start because of my ghosts. I blamed the weather. I blamed the season. I blamed the lack of direction from my manager. I blamed the economy. I felt guilty for not succeeding but I looked at circumstances for my excuse.

One day, it hit me that if I were going to succeed, it was completely up to me. I had to change my thought processes and tune out the “ghosts”. Once I accepted personal responsibility for my success and stopped the self-limiting behavior, only then did I become successful. I moved out of being a victim of circumstances to empowering myself to succeed. I created opportunities and the means for unlimited income for myself.

If you are struggling in your sales environment, you might want to consider what self-limiting thoughts and behaviors are influencing your performance. What ghost messages are you listening to at this moment? Once you determine the messages, you can change your thoughts and break those chains that bind you. You can enjoy unlimited and soaring sales success.

Author: Mary Auda